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Nice Airport Transfers & Taxis

Nice is among the busiest airports of France and has frequent flights to Paris on a daily basis including direct flights to certain other major cities in Europe as well. The airport is located at the western side of Nice so arrivals and departures provide wonderful views of French Riviera in good weather. While arriving at Nice airport, passengers get many options for traveling towards their destinations including buses, trains, hired cars and taxi transfers. Even though bus charges are more affordable than taxi fares, but taxis prove to be more convenient for those passengers who have heavy luggage or would like to reach at their hotel quickly.

You will find the taxi rank outside both of the terminal buildings at Nice airport. It can be located at Gate A1 outside Terminal 1 and outside Gate A3 at Terminal 2. The taxi fares are fixed so customers get the satisfaction that the pricing is controlled and they are not unfairly charged. If a taxi driver overcharges his passengers then he might lose his license and will not be permitted to park his taxi at the airport again. Every legitimate taxi is expected to have a meter displaying the fare. The payments are to be made in cash only but for fares exceeding the amount of 15.24 euros a receipt must be provided.

Even though the taxis are licensed and registered at the airport but like anywhere else the driver can take advantage of the tourists so you need to be cautious while opting for taxi transfers. You can also agree on a specific fare before entering the cab. Insist on keeping the meter on the whole time if the taxi is running on meter. Normally taxi fares should be less than 20 euros within Nice. You can be surcharged for an excessive luggage or for a 4th passenger as well.