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Aeroport (International) de Nice Cote d'Azur, Nice, F-06000 (France)
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Hertz Nice Airport

Nice, located at the southeast side of France has been a popular destination among travelers for years. Not only the mild winter makes it a favorite tourist destination but its direct access to vineyards in the hinterland and the sea adds more charm to the city which you can explore easily with your hired car. While arriving at the airport you will find several car rentals along with Hertz car hire. But Hertz has the reputation of providing excellent services to its customers worldwide. Not only is the company famous for its quality vehicles but its certain other facilities makes it elevated as well.

Even though Hertz allow the customers to return the vehicle to another location but a certain amount will be charged as a one way fee. The fee is charged as Hertz share the same fleet at different locations and take bookings on those cars that have been allocated to that location. That is why if the car moves to another location then the company has to get the car back towards the source location for handling it over to another customer. The one way fee is charged to cover the cost of transport for taking the car back. However, these one way rentals prove to be much expensive between countries which are a reflection of the increased transportation cost of taking the car back.

Hertz car hire provide certain facilities with the car like hand controls, ski equipped vehicles, child seats, gold counter service, in-car navigation system, prestige service and many other facilities. Hence with a hired car you can enjoy all the tourist attractions in and around Nice easily including its historical buildings, museums and other cultural activities. That is the reason why hired cars are in a low supply during peak seasons when travelers visit the city for exploring both its coastal beauty and cultural side alike.