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Nice Airport Car Hire

Nice airport is ranked as the third largest airport in the whole France and the largest one outside Paris as well. This airport contains two large terminals to accommodate its passengers fully along with two runways that allow around 26 landings every hour and the arrival of over 25 million passengers every year. Once you are at Nice airport then you can easily find a number of transportation services to move to and from the airport which includes Shuttles, Taxis, Public transport and car hire services.

Being such a large airport, you will find plenty of shopping opportunities within the Nice airport. You can not only easily find liquor, tobacco here but several designer fragrances can also be bagged at the duty free shops. There are several shops at the terminal buildings that specialize in fine foods, fashion and certain local products too. Dining options at the airport enables you to satisfy your taste buds with the French cuisine easily.

Nice airport is located seven kilometers towards the west of the city center and you will find excellent road networks here that links to Italy and Monaco via Promenade des Anglais. That is why getting a car proves to be the most beneficial option for both business visits and tours alike. Nice has developed as a huge higher learning center as well due to its certain educational establishments.

Car rental services are believed to be the most convenient way of reaching your favorite locations easily and the best thing is that you can easily find several car hire desks within the arrivals hall at the airport too. There are six major car rental companies that have their desks at the terminals and work to provide the cheapest rates to their customers. When you get on the roads of France then you will find that motorcycle and car traffic have to take specific routes that depends on the existing traffic. However, you can learn everything about the traffic system through the official website of Nice airport. It allows you to plan the best route for you to explore your favorite destinations easily.

For exploring the Southern France you have to arrive at the Nice airport and getting your own car further puts you on ease during your stay here. Nice airport is also close to the beach that is why some people feel such an extreme urge to relax on the beaches that they just move to the hotel from airport to leave their baggage there and then go straight away to the beaches.

Nice has so much to offer to the tourists from all perspectives as it is among the oldest established cities of France. Hence it is highly recommended to obtain your private car for checking out all the amazing features of the city. Beaches, shopping, culture, stunning views and cuisine are a few of the most amazing things that can be seen and done at Nice. The Promenade des Anglais is among the most favored spots of the tourists that provides you a stunning view along with the fabulous coastline. This is the best place to stop for a bite or to take a stroll. Yet this is just the beginning and you will still have to explore several other places in order to see Nice completely. You can also tour Nice museums, Observatory and architecture because they offer a purely French experience. Due to the fact that Nice is one of the oldest cities in France that is why you will find an abundance of varied architecture here that allows you to delve into the culture completely.