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Nice Airport

Nice Cote d’Azur Airport not only acts as a principal gateway to explore the famous French Riviera but for traveling around its neighboring principality of Monaco as well. The airport is located around seven kilometers towards the west of Nice city centre. An airport overview will make you aware of the fact that Nice airport is the busiest in France apart from the two major airports in Paris. It has become a crucial landing point for visitors because nearly eight million travelers enter to its terminals every year. Among the two terminals, Terminal 2 is the latest that mainly serves Easyjet and Air France flights to and from certain European and French destinations. However, many other international flights make use of the older Terminal 1. These two terminals are divided into Schengen, non-Schengen and national areas. Free shuttle buses also operate between them for allowing the passengers to move from one terminal to another easily.

Flights to nearly 100 destinations fly directly from Nice airport to places like Istanbul, Dubai, New York City, Tunis, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Moscow, Montreal and a variety of other European cities. However, passengers get spectacular view of the surrounding French Riviera during landing and take off in good weather, regardless of the destination. Helicopter flights are also available to certain other destinations from Nice airport. The airport is equipped with all the latest facilities for passengers and contains currency exchange offices along with cash machines everywhere at the airport. You can find a pharmacy, vaccination centre, a post office as well as prayer space on the first floor. There are two internet areas at the terminals for business travelers or passengers who wish to stay online from the airport. The airport also contains an internet lounge at the boarding area with an open bar and refreshments for your convenience. However, wireless internet is also present throughout the airport.

You also get amazing shopping options at Nice airport. There are shops selling almost everything at the airport from perfumes to champagne. You might get so much indulged in your shopping that you would not even mind any flight delays. Newsagents, gift shops and duty-free shops can be found in both of the terminals. You can even get regional specialties at different outlets present at the airport. Nice airport also has a selection of restaurants and bars whether you want to have a snack, a drink or a more substantial meal when you land or wait for the connecting flight. Le Badiane Restaurant contains a Mediterranean Menu for passengers that offer appetizers and various other dishes.

Business centers are also located at both terminals that provide a conference room and meeting rooms for up to 250 people. Minitel, audiovisual equipment and camcorders are some of the facilities that are provided free of charge to the passengers. You can get internet access, printers, computers and videoconferencing upon request as well. You can do the bookings online through the official website of the airport for your convenience.

Facilities for disabled passengers include ramps, lifts, accessible toilets, adapted ATMs, telephone booths and travelators along with parking space. You get to know through an airport overview that Nice airport provides a wide selection of transports available at both of its terminals for exploring the city. You can find several shuttle buses that have routes to different areas of Nice along with train service that is easily accessible. For a more leisurely trip you can also opt for private taxis or car hire services that are also available at the airport by several car hiring companies. Hence, you can have the best of your time once you reach at Nice airport.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Côte d'Azur International
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
43° 39' 55" N
Longitude (DMS):
7° 12' 54" E
Passengers (2016):
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2,742m (8,995ft)
45m (148ft)
2,960m (9,712ft)
45m (148ft)